Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hull to Newcastle via Hartlepool on Amazon Hope 2

A selection of images from a passage on the Vine Trust vessel Amazon Hope 2 from August 2005. I joined in Hull and sailed to Newcastle via Hartlepool as part of the vessels UK promotional tour prior to sailing to Peru to undertake aid work where the vessel remains in service.

At Hull Marina

Outbound on the Humber passing Pride of York inbound from Holland

Calm watch in the North Sea, the late Tom Dunn on the wheel.  

The Sea Cadet ship TS Royalist.

 Former Humber paddle ferry Wingfield Castle at Hartlepool.

Amazin Hope 2 in Hartlepool Marina. 

Inbound to Newcastle. The perfect passage plan 'arriving in time to follow the ferry in'!

RFA Ship under construction. 

Arriving in the heart of Newcastle. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

PS Waverley - Penarth to Minehead

Approaching Penarth Pier

Somewhere mid channel! 

Approaching Minehead. 

Alongside Minehead. 

Paddling at Minehead 

Approaching Minehead. 

Alongside at Minehead. 

Departing Penarth. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Departing Bristol City Docks - AM tide 24 August

Craft waiting the bridges to swing.

Outbound in the Avon. 

Quite a fleet! 

Narrowboat Sancerre in the Avon, owned by a friend. I took her to Sharpness on the following tide.