Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Penarth Marina

Former Tresco Island Launch 'Soleil d'Or'.

Fisher 25 and Fisher 30. 

Penarth Marina's Outer Basin. 

Party boat Dame Shirley. 


Keith Hargreaves said...

Great Images Chris, I see what you mean about the stern on the larger Fisher you don't gain that much extra space down below

Chris Jones said...

I love the aft seating area on our F25, I am considering a bathing platform for when we move her south! Quite a few have added them. The raised fordeck allows the bunks to be raised and further forward compared to the F30.

Interesting to see a proposed Fisher 28 based on the 25 here - http://www.fisherboatcompany.com/ A bigger anchor locker and some extra interior space. Sounds ideal to me!! Be interesting to see the final layout, so far so good!