Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mid Hants Railway - 8th July 2012

A selection of pictures taken at the Mid Hants Railway. Firstly we see Class 50 number 50,027 'Lion' on shed at Ropley. Its worrying when they start to preserve items you remember in service. I remember seeing the 50's at Penzance on a regular basis in the late 80's!

West Country Class 34007 'Wadebridge' on shed at Ropley with 2MT number 41312

 Black 5 number 45379

 Southern 'U Class' 31806. 

 Travelling behind Black 5 45379 between Four Marks and Ropley.

Preserved railways - weatherproof days out!

Black 5 45379 climbing to Four Marks

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