Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gry Maritha departs dry dock

On the morning of 29 March Gry Maritha departed dry dock having been on the blocks for annual surveys and repainting.

In order to release the Gry from captivity the Lyonesse Lady, which was on the blocks aft of her needed moving out first.

This allowed the Gry to swiftly depart, swing and head across to the wet dock under her own power.

Lyonesse Lady returns to dry dock under tow of Danmark.

'In off the cushion' as they say!

Penzance Harbour Workboat

Lyonesse Lady back on the blocks later that day for works to be completed.


Perranlady said...

Having a morning coffee and enjoying your photographs Chris - I hadn't realised that Lyonesse Lady was in the Dry Dock - she's so small not much sticks up above the sides of the dock. Sue

Perranlady said...

Ah ! should have paid attention - previous visit to dry dock - hope she's going to ok for her Winter work - they're going to need her even more than usual this Winter !Sue