Sunday, 17 July 2011

An afternoon on MV Balmoral - Monday 11th July.

Keeping the tradition alive MV Balmoral has spent the last week on the Bristol Channel. Here we take an afternoon cruise to Minehead on Monday 11th July from Penarth Pier.

The ship arrives from Clevedon, only her second day in service this year.

The Forward lounge/bar has been refitted to a high standard over the winter months . .

. . . thanks to a grant from 'The Peoples Millions'.

Pasing the BBC Orinoco inbound for Royal Portbury Dock.

Great cruising weather!

Alongside at Minehead with passenger transfer underway.

About to depart for a cruise of Porlock Bay.

At minehead station we saw Braunton - a West Country Class Pacific.

Bal returning from her cruise. Together with Waverley the ships provide a now unique opportunity for many to see the UK coastline.

Approaching Minehead.

Alongside at Minehead.

Passengers enjoying the cruise back to Penrth.

A rather misleading bit of marketing at Penarth Pier!

Outbound for Clevedon.

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