Sunday, 19 June 2011

PS Waverley heads for home . .

Here's a selection of pictures from PS Waverley's final call at Penarth Pier for the 2011 season.

Penarth Lifeboat out on a training exercise.

A few shipping movements for Cardiff this evening. PS Waverley on her final approach to the pier.

Departing Penarth for Greenock Direct!

A final glimpse of the paddle steamer as she heads around Lavernock Point. MV Balmoral commences her 2011 season on the Bristol Channel on 2 July - more information on

PS Waverley will spend the main summer months on the Clyde, she is well worth visiting in her native waters. In Speptember she visits the South Coast and then onwards to the Thames area before returning for one final weekend on the Clyde before she finishes with engines for 2011 . . don't forget the Waverley Appeal if you want to do it all again next year!!

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