Monday, 13 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 4

Today's cruise saw the steamer depart Clevedon Pier and then onwards to Penarth Pier where she boarded further passengers before crossing the Bristol Channel to Minehead. A short afternoon cruise to Porlock Bay was on offer for those at Minehead also.

A poor start weather wise cleared around midday and the sun made it our shortly after departing from Penarth.

Here we see PS Waverley arriving at Penarth from Clevedon

The mighty Rankin & Blackmore triple-expansion diagonal engine at work on route from Penarth to Minehead.

Arriving at Minehead, a rather tight berth for the paddler!

Following passenger transfer PS Waverley departs Minehead on the afternoon cruise.

Returning to Minehead

Alongside at Minehead

Departing Penarth for Clevedon

Tomorrow the ship will be arriving at Avonmouth for fuel and stores. She will remain alongside off service for the day and return to service on Wednesday with a rather special sailing . . . info and tickets on

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