Thursday, 5 May 2011

Avonmouth to Milford Haven 3rd May

Here are a selection of pictures taken when taking a survey vessel from Avonmouth to Pembroke Dock for slipping on 3rd May. Having departed Avonmouth at 0500 we ran North of the Holms and hugged the coast to Nash Point so gain what shelter was available from the keen

Offshore Aberthaw is a colling water tower that collects water for the Power Station.

Approaching Nash Point

The 'Welsh Heritage Coast' has some dramatic features as can be seen here. Waverley and Balmoral undertake a number of cruises each year that provide a fantastic view of the coastline.

Once clear of Nash Point our next waypoint was off St Govans Head, Pembrokeshire passing off Swansea Bay and Carmarthen Bay. This offshore route whilst more exposed allowed us to take full advantage of the outgoing tide.

Having rounded St Govans Head we made for Turbot Bank and made our approach to Milford Haven. In the Haven were a number of ships of interest including the LNG ship Aamira which was shortly to depart from South Hook.

Anchored off Milford Shelf was the cruise ship Discovery, held in position by Svitzer Ramsey. The Discovery is the former Island Princess and was built in 1971. For more information see -

On our approach to Pembrike Dock we passed the Outbound Isle of Inishmore.

Shortly after arrival our vessel was slipped at Mustang Marine's yard as seen below.

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