Friday, 29 April 2011

Watchet Marina

Here is the Marina at the former Bristol Channel port of Watchet.

The large vessel in this picture is 'Vita'. Built by Camper and Nicholson she was once a Gosport Ferry before moving to the Thames for further use as a passenger vesssel.

Unlike many Marina's in the Bristol Channel Watchet is not locked, water is retained by a flap gate that closes around half tide to maintain a suitable depth of water for vessels to remain afloat at all times .


Perranlady said...

Some good shots of Waverleys cruise around the Isle of Raasay yesterday on
Missed the Steam trains, darn it ! Good shots on Keiths site though. Sue

Keith Hargreaves said...

Great Header Picture Chris, Thank you for the images of Picaro i am sure you will have many hours at sea on her.